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We help the industry grow

The Cannabis industry is constantly transitioning. While many are struggling to survive, we are here to ensure that you thrive!

421 Group is a longstanding California-based nationwide cannabis consultancy that offers strategic public affairs, government relations, and operational support services to help cannabis businesses navigate the legal market. We are adept at leveraging our Client’s leadership potential to better each and every community our Clients are working in.

With many decades of collective experience in the cannabis world, we are ready to guide you on whatever stage of your journey you find yourself today. Our role is to support your vision and help you achieve success. 

Our model is based on elbow grease, and lots of it. We will join your Executive team and facilitate regular meetings to identify new actions and timelines, and report back on actions taken. One step at a time, we will help you reach your goals.

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Specializing in cannabusiness strategy and design, 421 Group is proud to work with cannabis companies at varying stages of growth.

Our experienced consultants are skilled in supporting core cannabusiness needs:

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We also offer high-level Strategy Sessions to help you take the first step to thrive.


421 Group operates with integrity and strives to be strategic, inclusive, and progressive.

We want to do our part to ensure that the cannabis industry continues to represent a bastion of progressivism. The industry is poised to raise the bar higher than ever before – not just for cannabis, but across all industries.

We have an opportunity to engage in diverse hiring practices, to address climate change through best practices, to protect our right to good health, and to demonstrate a strong commitment to our local community by continually giving back.

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