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Meet the Team

Our leadership team brings decades of experience fulfilling critical business, operational, legal, and compliance needs.
Craig Litwin.jpg
Craig Litwin


A seasoned political consultant and activist since 1994, Craig brings over 20 years of experience in the field.

A top signature-gatherer for Proposition 215, Craig went on to become a Sebastopol Council Member and Mayor, co-authoring one of the nation’s first dispensary ordinances. He has testified before county supervisors throughout the state and has been a driving force behind Santa Rosa’s dispensary and cultivation ordinances and Clearlake’s rejection of a cultivation ban. Craig’s talent for designing and implementing sound policy—and skillfully engaging policymakers, community leaders, and law enforcement—makes him a strong ally. A champion of permaculture, Craig holds a BA in Ecology with an emphasis in Sustainability.

In his free time, Craig can be found outdoors with his family enjoying nature and looking for chanterelle mushrooms.

Andrew Longman.jpg
Andrew Longman


Andrew leverages his experience in natural resource management for the advancement of business efficacy.

Andrew has extensive experience conducting community engagement and grant management on behalf of local government, conquering complex projects by leveraging efforts of diverse user groups. With a B.S. in Wildland Soils (with a minor in Botany) from Humboldt State University, and as an Associate Professional Soil Scientist designation from the Soil Science Society of America, Andrew has a deep appreciation for natural world and the below-ground network of unseen conditions that help it thrive. In role as 421 Group’s COO, Andrew knows how to advance workflow systems and increase efficiency through his ability to balance tight protocols with clear, friendly communication.

Shanti Devi.jpg
Shanti Devi


As a Yogini and Bookkeeper, Shanti understands Finance is the breath of a business.

A native Californian, Shanti has spent her adult life with one foot in Health/Fitness and the other in Bookkeeping/Business Admin. Working with 421 Group brings a great balance of the two.  From an early age, Shanti has seen the world in numbers and understands that bringing numbers into the light can help business owners make smarter, more informed decisions. For over 3 decades she has honed her bookkeeping skills in multiple industries. Cannabis and bookkeeping have traditionally been oil and water; not so with Shanti. Out of the shoebox and into a Profit and Loss is her bookkeeping Mantra.

Shanti earned her AA degree at SRJC. She is a certified Yoga Teacher/Therapist and an Ayurveda and fitness enthusiast. She likes to read, hang out with family/friends,  study self-development and learn about the world around her.

Cody Haws

Executive Administrator

Gracefully wrangling executives and projects alike, Cody manages the complex and ever-changing responsibilities of C-suite leadership.


A member of the cannabis industry since 2007, she’s known for her firm-but-gentle approach to task and people management. Cody’s tried-and-true strategies preserve accountability within every undertaking, and she demonstrates a deep commitment to ensuring that everything is done right the first time.


With a solid background in administration and office management, Cody has an insatiable appetite for mastering new challenges. In her free time, she enjoys caring for her two young sons, reading mystery novels, and daydreaming about gardens.

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