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A Solution to Cumbersome Compliance

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Being involved in the legal cannabis industry means you’re part of one of the most regulated markets in the United States. This also means you have to track daily and monthly compliance reporting, keep up with the constantly changing regulations and requirements, and submit bulky annual renewals for both cannabis and non-cannabis oversight, all while leading your business to success. Missing a deadline can lead to fines, or worse...

Our experience helping dozens of clients has given us deep insights into these issues —that’s why we created the Cannabis Compliance Index. With this subscription service, WE TRACK YOUR COMPLIANCE NEEDS AND DEADLINES FOR YOU! When a deadline approaches, 421 Group’s staff alerts and sends you all related materials. If you feel pressured for time or just need clarification, our team can help you navigate all the steps.

Right now you can get your Cannabis Compliance Index subscription at the discounted launch rate of only $195.00 per month. Knowing that a team of industry experts has your back means you can take one more burden off your shoulders. You can focus on building the business of your dreams, and we’ll keep you compliant.

To take advantage of this one-time offer, email or call (707) 861-8421.


421 Group

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