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Anyone can be a Master Tactician with the Three Month Work Plan

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

It’s easy to get excited about pursuing a strategic direction for your business–but without outlining the stepping stones to successfully execute that strategy, you can find yourself without a clear path forward.

How do you make sure your business dreams actually become a reality?

We’ve watched clients go through this exact struggle time and again, and have found that the best way to stay on track is with a dedicated Three Month Work Plan. A Work Plan is focused more on a tactical approach than strategic direction. While strategy encompasses a high-level plan that can guide decision-making and operational development, tactics are the actual means used to achieve the strategic direction. With a clear Work Plan, you can outline clear steps to achieve milestone goals so the anxiety and confusion associated with critical projects are diminished.

Designing a Three Month Work Plan helps you visualize what your business goals for the next three months are, and how you can achieve those goals in a realistic timeframe. By looking ahead to your desired end result, you can better prioritize your tasks and projects in order to bridge that gap. Creating a living plan has the benefit of both holding you and your partners accountable for actionable goals while purposefully allowing for flexibility as priorities shift over time. And because these work plans are specific to your business, you can organize them however it’s best efficient for your specific goals and desires.

Say goodbye to the days of chasing your tail! With a Three Month Work Plan, your business goals will feel closer than ever.

Here’s to a thriving cannabis business community in California.


421 Group

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