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Raise the Bar with a Community Benefits Report

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Businesses never operate in a vacuum—they exist in communities with other businesses and residents in their neighborhood. For cannabis permit applicants, failing to connect your proposal to the community can cause major obstacles for your approval and overall success.

Our experience helping dozens of clients has given us deep insights into this problem—that’s why we created the Community Benefits Report. This report outlines specific ways that your team will conduct community outreach, get locally engaged, and make specific commitments to support local organizations. This kind of interaction builds trust between you as a business owner and the community that will host your operation.

And all of this can start with one free 30-minute consultation. We can help you map out the best ways to engage with your community and build support so that your business can thrive.

Supporting your community is a win-win, for the success and support of your business and for the health of your community. If your presence can have a net positive impact on the surrounding businesses and residents, while also contributing to the local economy, then you will have been a successful business and community leader all around. We are here to support you in achieving this heroic outcome.

Here’s to a thriving cannabis industry in California.


421 Group

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