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Fully Outfitted Cannabis
LICENSED: Type 6 Manufacturing with S-hosting allowance, & Distribution Operation
LOCALLY APPROVED: Direct to Consumer Retail

115 Morris St. Sebastopol CA

‪(707) 849 1622
Ready to expand your company's footprint in the North Bay? Looking to increase profits with vertical integration? Are you brand new to the industry and looking for a way in without months of hearings, consultants, and buildout costs? 

This place is already in operations, has inventory, and is ready for you! What new R&D project or service do you bring to excel in Cannabis?

Current operators are moving on and accepting bids to buy the corporation with the existing licenses.


They have already done the heavy lifting of local hearings and approval for multiple license types. All buildouts are complete and inspected, fully compliant with fire-sprinklers installed throughout per local and state fire regulations. Fully operational and very functional cannabis business and associated corporation for sale. With this versatile facility type you can extract, conduct infusions, manufacture and package almost any cannabis product allowable under state regulations, trim and package cannabis flowers, produce pre-rolls engage in white label or copacking services, and distribute/transport wholesale cannabis within California. You can also rent space to others using the S (for Shared) license hosting allowed by local permit. There is a renter ready for you to reduce your startup costs if you want, or you can take the whole facility.


There is even space and local pathway to add retail delivery to your suite of businesses - be ready for shipping your products when national legalization occurs! There is plenty of room to add a cannabis kitchen and freezers for fresh frozen and hash making.


This is brand new construction. It comes with solar panels on the rooftop and an assignable note towards completing the purchase on all of the equipment. After the note is done these items are yours!

Why Sebastopol?
  • Sebastopol does not have any local cannabis tax. Unlike most California jurisdictions you are not subject to any local gross receipts tax, saving significant revenue

  • You are next to the Barlow, a hot tourist area that will ensure people from across the country know about your brand (plus you will always have amazing lunch options).

  • You are 7 minutes from the 101 for efficient access to the Emerald Triangle and the entire Bay Area.

  • It is a very pleasant area to work and live in Sonoma County.

  • Sebastopol is well-known for its environmentally-minded ethos which helps your brand.


Space: 6,525 sq/ft 

Rent: ~$8,900 p/m + NNN  


Lease: 2 year lease with 3 five year options to renew 

Parking: 12 parking spaces, including current-code disabled parking space. 


Power: 400 amps 3 phase 208v


License Type: Type 6 Manufacturing, Type 11 Distribution 


MAKE A BID for the whole company and assets, both license types of distribution and manufacturing. Reasonable offers considered. 

Sellers request a rent back of one manufacturing room in order to continue their heart’s work; making herbal tinctures and herbal products with cannacentric additions. 

Property Description
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_Filtration 3 WEB.jpg
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Building Security

DCC compliant monitored alarm system with 22 Hikvision cameras. Two dedicated secured product storage rooms, one in manufacturing and one in the distribution premise, security cameras include Network Video Recorder with 90 day storage, compliant with DCC regulations.


Local Permits

All local permits have been secured by the corporation and there is never a renewal period.

State Licenses

State licenses must be renewed annually. The manufacturing license is good through November 3, 2023 and the distribution license is good through March 18, 2024.

Artboard 1.jpg
_Fume Hood - Closed WEB.jpg

1st room

Enclosed secure receiving garage with roll up door, easily fits a van or truck up to 25’ length, double doors to accommodate a loaded pallet jack into hall or shipping and receiving.


2nd room

Shipping and receiving room with double doors into garage for unloading.

3rd room

Secured storage vault with steel reinforced walls, climate controlled by split unit outfitted with stainless work benches and pallet racks.

_AV 15 3 WEB.jpg

1st room

Type 6 manufacturing facility allows distillation making in house! Current permissions also allow for packaging, making carts, tinctures, topicals, and infused pre-rolls. Also permitted locally to host S-licensees, the states shared license regime that allows for S license holders to rent space from the host manufacturer. There is ample capacity to add in a commercial kitchen or bottling facility to extend your business offerings.


C1D2 compliant and inspected with fume hood, Delta Separations CUP 15 (UL), Trusteel AV15, Summit Industrial 5 liter fractional distillation kit, Across International vacuum oven, 30 gallon Cryometrix cryochiller, stainless steel workbenches, scales. Stainless steel three basin sink and workstation plumbed hot/cold. Three fire control areas in building gives a total allowable MOQ of 240 gallons of ethanol or other flammable liquids. Two large plexiglass windows from the common hallway enables management and guest observations without entering the manufacturing area.

2nd room

Large room for variable work spaces such as weighing, packing, bottling, etc. One industrial hand washing sink. Two large plexiglass windows from the common hallway enables management and guest observations without entering the manufacturing area.


3rd room

Grinding room with Futurola Super Shredder and specialized air filtration unit for safety and health.


4th room

Secured Storage vault with steel reinforced walls, climate controlled by split unit. Outfitted with metal racks and locking metal cabinet. Security center with full monitor viewing as well as accessible via cloud. 90 days of video collections per state guidelines.

Common Areas


Three separate offices with windows on two sides, large conference room with 
floor to ceiling windows on two sides, large entryway and lobby with natural light.

Break Room

Kitchenette and natural light. Dishwasher, full fridge, installed cabinetry, and full sink.



The facility comes with two recently installed, ADA compliant restrooms.


Common Areas

Large industrial 73 gallon water heater feeds facility sinks and on demand, gas powered water heater services AV-15 solvent recovery system. Mop Sink. Employee lockers.


Utility Closet

Utility closet can be converted to licensed premises as needed but is currently used to store office and cleaning supplies.



Current inventory includes distillate, broad spectrum and micellar solution (water soluble) as of this date. Note that this is an active business and inventory is being added and sold. Please inquire as to current inventory at your point of making an offer. All inventory is included with sale.

Contact:, ‪(707) 849-1622
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