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  • Acquire local and state cannabis approvals

  • Get administrative and operational support

  • Launch operations and maintain compliance

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  • Gain support from your community and the press

  • Identify opportunities for expansion and development

  • Refine and define your public persona to build relations

Win the Votes You Need.png
  • Engage the political scene and build rapport

  • Convert jurisdictions that have commercial cannabis bans

  • Reduce or eliminate local tax burdens

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"From day one, 421 Group worked hard for us. They supported us at every step of the way: From permit application to initial approval, from surprise appeal to ultimate victory."

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Brandon Levine

Executive Director, Mercy Wellness of Cotati and Santa Rosa

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421 Group is a California-based nationwide cannabis consultancy that offers strategic public affairs, policy, government relations and operational support services to help cannabis businesses and local government navigate the legal market.

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