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We're ready to help

We guide business in their cannabis journey.

With many decades of collective experience in the cannabis world, we are ready to guide you on whatever stage of your journey you find yourself today. Our role is to support your vision and help you achieve success. 


Our model is based on elbow grease, and lots of it. We will join your Executive team and facilitate regular meetings to identify new actions and timelines, and report back on actions taken. One step at a time, we will help you reach your goals.


Evaluate opportunities to obtain your local and state licenses.

Government Relations

Create positive relationships with government officials to build support for your business and industry.

Public Affairs

Reach out to your community to foster engagement and mutual support.


Stay on track for your compliance needs.

Executive Support

Develop high-level strategies, budgeting, and finding and recruiting top talent for your organization.

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  • Government Relations Strategy
    Strategize on how to win the votes for your project. Manage your team’s ongoing strategic planning for all governmental interactions. Write local commercial cannabis ordinances, tax measures, and administrative policies. Amend existing local laws for onsite consumption and/or other allowances.
  • Government and Political Engagement
    Convert jurisdictions that have commercial cannabis bans to allowing commercial cannabis. Participate in tours of Client’s facilities with government regulators and interested parties. Represent Client at meetings, in public, and at hearings.
  • Ordinance Drafting and Lobbying
    Lobby regulators on Client’s behalf. Leverage Client actions to build rapport with regulators. Outline local political scene.
  • Community Relations
    Build strong community alliances and a reputation that opens doors for you. Develop Neighborhood Compatibility and Community Benefit Reports to help your project shine. Develop and distill talking points about the Client and project. Create a biography of Clients illustrating a compelling community story. Engage project neighbors via a door-to-door and phone canvass of the areas around the project. Generate letters of support from community leaders and residents. Organize open houses, forums, and other events that support the Client’s goals. Mobilize speakers, callers, and letter-writers to communicate your message to decision makers. Leverage your community giving program to your benefit.
  • Press Relations
    Consult on earned-media strategies to support Client’s efforts. Develop messaging relevant to Client’s objectives. Advise on media inquiries made to Client, from talking points to press management. Forecast intended media stories to work towards earning. Land news stories; from crafting precisely worded press releases to publication. Generate letters to the editor to promote Client’s goals. Write Guest Commentaries for media submission by Client and their delegates. Leverage Client events, hearings, and community actions to earn positive press. Train (or serve as) your spokesperson in all media matters to reinforce your brand identity. Learn proven techniques to reach a greater audience. Gain free publicity from print, television, and social media through strategic actions.
  • Civic Duties and Sustainability
    Differentiate your company by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. Minimize your carbon footprint while saving money on operational costs. Strengthen brand perception and loyalty by promoting a culture of respect for people and resources alike. Implement physical structures, such as rainwater harvesting systems, to demonstrate sustainability.
  • Opportunity Assessment
    Assess the viability of Client’s cannabis operation or licensing opportunities. Consult on strategies to secure a local permit and state license. Assess work needed to achieve a completed application status. Estimate approval timelines for current and pending applications. Determine long-term plan to expedite application process. Create a permitting and licensing budget. Vet jurisdictions and/or locations for commercial cannabis permitablity. Create reports outlining relevant cannabis regulations in any jurisdiction.
  • Local Permits and State Licenses
    Write applications and support Clients in gathering all necessary documents for local permitting. Develop and lead strategies to secure local permits and state licenses. Manage California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) reporting. Create required diagrams, such as area and premises diagrams. Work with Client’s design professionals through local/state application and building permit process. Incorporate Client’s existing design and written assets to reduce expenses. Represent Client at meetings, in public, and at hearings.
  • Project Budgeting
    Prepare budget shell suited for project type and scale. Identify resources needed to accomplish Client vision. Research and organize projected expenses and estimated timing of needs. Recommend financial best practices and strategic operational design elements.
  • Strategic Planning
    Identify and outline high-level business objectives Design specific projects to support success in these objectives Develop work plans for each project to facilitate coordinated and timely progress across your teams
  • Recruiting and Onboarding
    Role Development: Assess company needs, expectations for the roles, and team dynamics; design job description; identify required skills and traits. Candidate Search: Develop job-opening announcement; announce opening on approved channels; receive and screen applicants’ cover letters and resumes. Candidate Evaluation: Screen qualified candidates by phone; coordinate in-person interviews between Client and final candidates; 421 Group may participate in live interviews with final candidates at the discretion of the Client. Candidate Selection: Make hire/no-hire recommendation to Client; check professional references; support salary negotiations and prepare offer letter. Onboarding Management: Develop and support implementation of onboarding strategy for new team members; identify new team members’ responsibilities and support in setting goals and tracking accomplishments; assist with new team members’ performance-review criteria.
  • Budgeting
    Launch cost projection Operational modeling Cash Flow Forecasting tools
  • Regulations and Compliance
    Set up and maintain a local, state, and federal index to track all compliance matters. Host the index and supporting documents on 421 Group’s virtual drive. Update new regulations and laws to maintain compliance. Lead monthly compliance meetings to review upcoming deadlines and add new entries.

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