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Build Neighborhood Support With Our Free Tool

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Community outreach is a vital part of launching any kind of business, especially a cannabis business. It’s important that you show openness and get engaged to the community you’re operating in, but it’s not always easy to know how or where to start. 421 Group has seen this problem time and again. That’s why we created the Good Neighbor Policy. This policy is a way for you to clearly outline to your neighbors your commitment to create an open dialogue of respect and care between your business and the community that hosts it. This could be a list of practices your business will take to deal with community security issues or measures for how you’ll keep your facility and surrounding areas clean and presentable. Each neighborhood is different, so you will want to tailor the policy to speak to your specific location and local culture. Check out our free tool if you need a jumping off point:

Once you’ve created a Good Neighbor Policy for your business, the most important part is circulating it to your neighbors and making your commitments known. It can serve as a perfect reason to go door to door and introduce yourself to your neighbors, and make a lasting positive impression by leaving a copy with them. Being proactive in reaching out and showing your business’s dedication to the neighborhood will help cement you as a valued part of the community. Here’s to a thriving cannabis business industry in California. Sincerely, 421 Group

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