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Outreach for Awesomeness

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Community outreach is a vital part of launching any kind of business, especially a cannabis business. It’s important that you show openness and get engaged to the community you’re operating in, but it’s not always easy to know how or where to start. If you’re a business, especially a cannabis business, it’s really important to establish yourself as part of your community. And that doesn’t come from simply operating in a neighborhood—it comes from how you engage with the neighbors in your community. Last month we talked about having a Good Neighbor Policy, and once that is in place your next step is to begin Community Outreach. Through our experience helping many clients successfully launch their operations, we have developed a handy list of best practices for Community Outreach. These guidelines outline specific ways your team can reach out to your neighbors, how you can draft letters of support, and learn more about the concerns and values of your community members. Check out our free guide as a jumping off point:

For cannabis permit applicants, connecting your project to the community can show your neighbors that you are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the area. On top of that, you can submit examples of your outreach efforts to regulators in anticipation for your public hearing or administrative review. This will show that you are putting your best foot forward in the community. Once you’ve implemented your outreach efforts, you’ll better understand your community needs and how you can better support them. This creates the foundation for a positive relationship with the surrounding businesses and residents while also establishing your business as an integral part of the community. Here’s to a thriving cannabis business community in California. Sincerely, 421 Group

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